How does it work

How vHelp works

  1. The organisations register with vHelp where we store their card details securely and invite their volunteers to register
  2. The volunteer carries out their activity and claim the expenses through the app by entering expense details and scanning the receipt
  3. The organisation's assigned admin can approve/reject expenses
  4. When an expense is approved, vHelp will charge the organisation card and reimburse the volunteer bank account

The Benefits

Raise Money From Donated Expenses

Gift Aid volunteer expenses

The new feature allows volunteers to automatically donate expenses payments back to the charity. By donating the money, the charity is able to claim Gift Aid, boosting the donation by a 25% for basic-rate taxpayers.

Expense Calculator

Our research shows that most organisations don’t understand the true cost of processing expenses payments. So we’ve created this simple calculator to help.

Estimated annual salary
Time taken to process an expense
1st Expenses approver
2nd Expenses approver
3rd Expenses approver
4th Expenses approver

Users Testimonials

This app has made reimbursing our volunteers simple and easy and allows them to be flexible when they need to. I've been coordinating volunteers who support isolated residents, meet and greet at vaccine clinics and helping at symptom-free testing centres through the pandemic. Clean and simple design... Claire, Volunteer Manager, Halton & St Helens


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